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Wood Globe Clock – Black Digits – Globe Collection


Atlas Wood Clock – Black Sea – Globe Collection

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Handmade Globe Clock – Green Sea – Globe Collection


Our Green Sea Globe clock is the perfect unique and elegant gift for someone with everything.

With various colours to choose from we’re sure you’ll find their favourite colour.

We’ve painted particular Globe Clocks a vibrant grass green; and we’ve chosen to paint the digits black however, if you prefer we can paint the digits to match the green sea colour instead.

Just select your choice in the colour options below.



The Handmade Globe Clocks is our first design, our flagship product that kick started this venture for us. We absolutely love them and we know you will too.

We’ve had a little fun adjusting the layout of the atlas to include various continent, with Africa being the most iconic continent we have made it the central figure.


The Globe Clocks are carved into 12mm thick, smooth textured MDF and hand paint in various vibrant colours; however, we think the design looks absolutely beautiful unpainted, so you can have a natural wood finished if you like. Click here to see the Nude Sea Globe Clock

We paint the digits surrounding the clocks black, alternatively we can paint them to match the green sea colour instead. Just select your choice in the colour options.

Features of the Handmade Globe Clock

To give the  Globe Clocks a beautiful long lasting protection and soft shin finish we spray them with a thin layer of varnish. So we’re sure you’ll love the look and feel of your  new favourite clock.

Dennis and I personally craft all our clocks with precision, passion and a lot of love to give you the best quality wood carved clocks.

This particular Globe Clo