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Customizable clock shapes

We can carve your clock outline shape to match your brand/industry

Expand your merchandise

If you love your brand clock, why not sell them as part of your brand merchandise? We have wholesale plans in place so you're sure to make a profit on your clock sales

Perfect Promotional giveaways

These clocks are a brilliant prize giveaways at your event. Just think, your brand clock hanging in the home of your customers. We can even add personalized messages in them - for example, an estate agent clock could be given to a new client with your logo saying "welcome to your new home".



Wood carved Clocks

for every room

The Globe Collection

Our flagship wood carved clock that kick started this venture for us. 

We’ve had a little fun adjusting the layout of the atlas to include various continent. Because Africa is the most iconic continent, we have made it the central figure.

Dennis and I personally craft all our clocks with precision, passion and a lot of love to give you the best quality wood carved clocks.

We absolutely love these clocks and we know you will too.




Oh, did we mention it’s free delivery anywhere in the UK.

Dennis and I personally craft all our clocks with precision, passion and a lot of love to give you the best quality wood carved clocks…

so thank you very much

For your continued support of our small family business.

About YourΒ  wood carved clock…


The clocks are carved a few millimetres into the MDF wood. Sanded, hand painted and varnished for a long and lasting shine and protection.


The clocks weigh 380 gram. Nice and light to hold and won't be heavy for you to hang in your home.


The clocks vary slightly in size but most of them are approximately 28.5cm in diameter (same as 285mm or 11.22inch); weigh 380 grams and sticks out roughly 4 cm from weigh 380grams.


12mm smooth MDF Wood . Some of the hands are metal and some are plastic - depending on your selection.

All Our clocks are made right here, in the UK & We offer free UK Delivery

If you’re happy with the clocks – please help our small business by leaving a product review

To provide you with an authentic product, we individually make the clocks to order, right here in our Hertfordshire based workshop; therefore they may take 2 to 3 working days to complete; sometimes a little longer – but don’t worry, we will keep you updated as soon as your clock is on its way to you.

Thanks again for supporting our small family business.

-Abi & Dennis

If you need to get intouch with us we’re available to answer your enquiries whenever you need.

Beautiful, Elegant, Unique and Stylish Wood carved clocks.

Our clock designs fit in any space.

We have included one screw,Β  a wall plug, as well as a AA Duracell battery to your, so you can enjoy your clock straight away.

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We’re the couple bringing your these awesome clocks.

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During the pandemic of 2020/2021 – Dennis – the owner of one of the UK’s leading chip timing companies had to make a very painful decision to layoff all his beloved staff. With no sports events permitted, Dennis’ company was at a standstill. No income and more time on his hands than he liked so he begins searching for other ways he could use his time to develop an alternative avocasion that had the possibility of an income for him and his family.

Dennis has always had a passion for wood craft, having had a previous company doing landscaping in his home county of Denmark, his long-term hobby of building sheds, shelves and fencing, coupled with an acute understanding for measurements, he knew his way around tools.

Dennis has always practise strict attention to detail, passion, and precision to anything he lays his hands on, so it came at no surprise that he one day decided to try making things out of wood and see where the venture took him.Β 

Three months of banging and clanging in his workshop, he finally came home with a prototype of a clock he had made. Although not anywhere near as refined as the ones we now sell, it was quite eye catching. Pleased with his work and equally important, his family’s response – he began refinements of his craft until he finally brought one home that really took everyone’s breath away.

And there you have it – The Workshop Clocks as you see and love them now.